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EHS Enterprise Software Suite includes full GHS Integration!

ImageWave - (M)SDSFinder® GHS:

Advanced (M)SDS Management software allows you to easily build and manage your (M)SDS database. Includes SDS tracking and advanced data tracking and report generation. Manages (M)SDSs acquired from multiple sources, including the Internet, in one central database for wide availability over your network.

All of ImageWave’s software applications can be installed on your network or hosted for you by ImageWave for access over the Internet via “ImageWave’s - Application Hosting Service.”

Fully Integrated Add-On Modules

Central Database with over 3 Million (M)SDSs:
Search for (M)SDSs in our Central Database of (M)SDSs and import them directly into your (M)SDSFinder database.

ImageWave - Environmental Reporting Module:
Provides sophisticated data and inventory tracking for multiple facilities enterprise wide. Tracks over 200 fields including components, CAS#, %, quantities, locations, properties, specific gravity, NFPA/HMIS, GHS Classifications, Signal Words, Precautionary Statements, and Pictograms. Generates numerous state and federal reports, including SARA 313 and TIER II summaries.

ImageWave - SDSWriter GHS:
Creates GHS compliant SDSs for your company’s products. Includes advanced features such as a preloaded chemical database, standard list libraries, GHS Classifications, Signal Words, Precautionary Statements, Pictograms, and customizable templates. Add your company’s logo and start writing your SDSs!

ImageWave - Intranet Module:
The Intranet module allows you to host your own (M)SDS Search and Retrieval page using Imagewave's exclusive fuzzy seach capability over your corporate Intranet.

ImageWave - Container Labeling Module:
Generates container labels in various sizes and formats including GHS, HMIS, and NFPA. Can be used within the Application Manager or added to the Intranet Module and Employee Search & Retrieval interface.

ImageWave - (M)SDS Summary Display:
Displays a summary of the (M)SDS at the Intranet Module and Employee Search & Retrieval interface (when the employee selects an (M)SDS, they can also view the summary).

ImageWave - Database Copier:
Stay in compliance by copying your entire (M)SDS database and the (M)SDS Search and Retrieval Interface to a portable medium for emergency back-up purposes. Copy to nearly any storage medium such as USB, flash drive, or CD for a complete portable back up solution that is easy to load and use.

ImageWave - Chemical Inventory/Barcode Module:
Manages the receiving, usage and movement of facility inventory. Generates inventory bar code labels, manages physical inventory with a PDT (hand held scanner), batch processes inventory such as bulk relocation, produces inventory discrepancy reports, tracks inventory activity by user.

ImageWave - Waste Disposal Module:
Tracks waste related data such as federal and state waste codes, treatment options, and inventories. Performs waste manifest tracking and reporting. Generates the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest form. Summarizes data for the Biennial Hazardous Waste Report.

ImageWave - Air/Water Emissions Tracking Module:
Performs permit tracking & management, tracks Water & Emission sampling, manages sampling scheduling, produces Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) and Emission Monitoring Reports.

ImageWave - Shadow Copy Utility:
Copies your entire (M)SDS database to another server, such as a laptop or secondary server, for emergency back-up purposes. Periodically checks for any changes to the database and automatically copies the changes to the back-up.

ImageWave - Fax Back Module:
Allows employees who don’t have computer access to enter an (M)SDS # over the phone and receive the corresponding (M)SDS at their fax machine.

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