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ImageWave - Application Hosting Service / (M)SDS Hosting Service:
You choose the software configuration you want and we host it for you over the Internet using our servers. You save on internal IT costs and services, hardware and storage. We host your data and (M)SDS database for easy access by your employees over the Internet. Special security features ensure that only your company’s personnel have access to your specific data and (M)SDS database.

ImageWave - (M)SDS Database Services:
Send us a list of products and we’ll build your (M)SDS database for you. Your database will include an exact image of each (M)SDS as it was issued by the manufacturer. We will also index the key data fields you select, such as MSDS#, Product Name, Chemical Name, Manufacturer, Revision Date, Components, CAS#, %, GHS Classifications, HMIS/NFPA, Locations, and more.

ImageWave - SDS Update Service:
We can help keep your (M)SDS database up to date by acquiring new, GHS compliant SDSs and archiving old MSDSs. We can also add new (M)SDSs to your database on an ongoing basis, as needed.

ImageWave - Data Import Services:
If you have any existing data that you would like to retain and import directly into (M)SDSFinder/EHS Enterprise, our Data Import Service will perform this function. We can also set up a filter for on-going import of data from other databases, such as periodic import of data from purchasing or inventory systems.

ImageWave -Training & Installation Services:
Performed on-site at your location, at ImageWave’s facility in the Austin Texas area, or online via web conferencing.

ImageWave - Customization and Integration Services:
Our software developers will perform customization services, if needed, including custom labels, reports, and other modifications to fit your needs. We can also integrate and share data with other applications such as ERP, purchasing or inventory systems.

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